Screen Printing Information Page

Screen Printing Overview

Screen Printing is the highest quality and longest lasting printing option that we have to offer here at GSAM.

Once we receive your artwork, our graphic designer will work with you to confirm that the design is the correct size and color. We can accommodate up to 6 colors in your design. Once approved, the final design moves onto our printer, who separates your design by color and creates a unique screen for each one. There are no rush services available for screen printing, so plan ahead for a standard two week turn-around for your project!

 What is Spot Color Printing?

All screen printing projects are in spot color. This method uses screens to apply the exact color directly to the material. This method is good for simple logos with text and basic shapes that do not require gradients or excessive colors. For every different color in your design, another screen is made to print that specific color. We use Pantone colors for our printing. Pantone colors have specific formulas that will guarantee the same color is printed each time.

 Minimums and Materials

You can bring in your own materials, or we can order for you via our wholesalers. When we quote your project, just mention whether or not you will be providing materials and we will factor it into the pricing.


For screen printing, there is a set up charge of $25 per screen. Application fees depend on the amount of material that you will be ordering, where we will be printing, and the total number of colors in the print. Contact us for the most accurate pricing via the form on this site. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a sample printed before we continue with a larger order?

We accept single samples to be run for a fee depending on the project (usually it is double the set up cost). Please allow an additional week for the sample to be created.

Can I request a rush on my screen printing order?

Yes, we have the ability to do rush orders. There is a fee for all rush orders and determine based on the timeframe in which your order is needed.

I have an existing design that I had done elsewhere. Can you copy the same design?

Yes! We can recreate your artwork in house. Our graphic designer will work with you to make sure that everything is done correctly. If you have a sample of the previous design bring it in and leave it with us so we have something to refer to.

An important thing to note is that we cannot guarantee an exact color match unless you have the existing Pantone Colors from your previous print. We can get very close but be advised that it may be slightly off of the original. This is also why leaving a sample shirt with us is helpful because then we can refer to the specific color on the original print.

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